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3 Most Dangerous Animals in Europe




3 Most Dangerous Animals in Europe

Celebrating the premiere of The Secret of the Bear, a film in which a father and his son venture into the mountains to hunt for a wild beast, we like to present you with the three most dangerous animals in Europe. Make sure you’re not spotted if you happen to see them!

Polar Bear
Yes, he looks cute in the commercials of the world’s most popular soda... But the polar bear is one of the few animals that will kill humans intentionally and without provocation. Although usually only hungry bears confront humans, any encounter against the world’s largest and powerful land carnivore is likely to end one way. A polar bear attack is something very few escape, they are powerful runners and swimmers; and when attacking, these bears aim to crush the skull of their victims.

Wild Boar
Although these animals are part of the pig family, they are extremely different. They are feral, furry, big and highly aggressive. They weigh up to 200 Kg and measure up to 120 cm in length. These wild pigs are fast too, capable of reaching high speeds. As weird as it might sound that pigs could attack humans, they do. Wild boars are reproducing at a fast pace, making the number of human attacks increase too. Many of these attacks have caused human deaths, common between November and January.

Brown Bear
This animal is a symbol of Russian power, but also death and a killer instinct. With a weight between 200 to 400 kg, the brown bear possesses massive claws and powerful jaws. These bears’ attack will go directly to the face with the mission of disabling its opponent’s jaw, with a bit stronger than a lion’s one. Some areas in Northern Italy ha

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