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3 Movies by Emidio Greco


3 Movies by Emidio Greco

Unseen is directed by late Emidio Greco. He was born on 20 October 1938 in Leporano, Puglia, Italy, and sadly died in 2012. Here we profile 3 more movies directed by him.

Il consiglio d'Egitto (The Council of Egypt) (2002)
The ship of the Moroccan ambassador is lost in a storm off the coast of Sicily in 1782. The Maltese brother Fra Giuseppe Vela is asked to look after the ambassador and act as his interpreter because the diplomat does not speak Italian. The monk barely speaks a few words of Arabic, which doesn't bother him at all. The sly-boots, on the other hand, is determined to take advantage of the circumstance.

Una storia semplice (1991)
A former ambassador who has just returned to Sicily from overseas calls the police to report his unexpected discovery. Inspector Lepri of the police arrives at the man's home the following day and discovers him dead. Has he killed himself? Lepri suspects his own commissioner while conducting his probe. A signal fault causes a train to stop elsewhere in the countryside in the meanwhile. The station master is informed by a driver, but both he and another railway agent are found dead. The driver must be connected to those unexplained deaths in the eyes of the police.

Milonga (1999)

A celebrity is murdered in broad daylight in Rome. Behind the murder lies a much more complex truth.

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