5 Iconic Movies About Weddings



5 Iconic Movies About Weddings

To celebrate the premiere of Tuscan Wedding, we profile 5 iconic Hollywood movies about weddings.

The Wedding Planner (2001)
The event is being planned by Mary Fiore. She is driven, diligent, and incredibly organised, and she is adept at knowing just what to say and do to make any wedding an unforgettable occasion. But when a busy but uncomplicated Mary falls (literally) in love with a lovely doctor, her world is turned upside down because he is the groom in the largest wedding of her career! Will she accompany him and his internet tycoon girlfriend down the aisle, or will Mary finally get to be the bride? You can never predict what will happen when it comes to love.

Bride Wars (2009)
Emma, a teacher, and a lawyer named Liv had been childhood best friends in Manhattan. On the same day, both of them receive marriage proposals from their partners. They hire the renowned Marion St. Claire to help them prepare their wedding celebrations at the Plaza Hotel. However, Marion's secretary made a mistake and arranged their marriages for the same day. When none of them agrees to a date change, they start to feud and attempt to ruin the rival's wedding.

Wedding Crashers (2005)
John and Jeremy, two pals, break up weddings in order to meet ladies. One day, they interrupt Secretary Cleary, the Treasury Secretary's daughter, during her wedding. They receive an invitation to the Clearys' island mansion instead of brief liaisons and may even find the love of their lives there.

Mamma Mia! (2008)
The plot, which is set on a vibrant Greek island, provides the backdrop for numerous ABBA songs. A young woman who is preparing to get married learns that she could have three different fathers. Without notifying her mother Donna Sheridan, who was formerly the lead singer of Donna and the Dynamos, she extends invitations to all three to the wedding. Rosie Mulligan and Tanya Wilkinson, Donna's backup vocalists, have been invited to perform in the interim.

Father of the Bride (1991)
In this remake of the Spencer Tracy classic, George and Nina Banks are the parents of young wife-to-be Annie. Her anxious father George is unsure how to deal with the fact that she is now a woman. Additional humorous events arise during the elaborate wedding preparations.


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