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Amsterdam Vice - Arne Toonen - The Netherlands

Amsterdam Vice (The Netherlands, 2019) by Eurochannel



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Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands

Exploring the Best of Dutch Crime Thrillers

Amsterdam Vice (Baantjer het begin, 2019)
The Netherlands

Director: Arne Toonen
Cast: Waldemar Torenstra, Tygo Gernandt, Lisa Smit
Genre: Thriller
Length: 86’


In the turbulent 1980s, two detectives are assigned to uncover a violent plot against the Dutch Royal Family. Eurochannel premieres Amsterdam Vice.

This crime thriller is set in the turbulent 1980s, amidst the squatters' riots and demonstrations in Amsterdam. The film follows Detective Jurre de Cock, who starts working at the Warmoesstraat police station in Amsterdam, where he is paired with seasoned police officer Tonnie Montijn. The two detectives find themselves in the midst of a criminal conspiracy, which may lead to an attack during the coronation of Princess Beatrix. As they investigate the case, they encounter numerous challenges, including the difficulty in trust as the Bureau turns out to be as leaky as a sieve.

As they delve deeper into the case, they find themselves amidst the filthy and drug-infested city of Amsterdam and come across several suspects and motives, making it difficult for them to find the real perpetrator. With the coronation fast approaching and the pressure mounting, the two detectives find themselves in a race against time to prevent a tragedy from happening. Their differing views and styles make for an interesting dynamic as they work together, constantly questioning each other's motives.

The film strikes the right atmosphere, immersing the viewer in the world of the 1980s, whether they consciously experienced that period or not. This dynamic film is driven by the tension between De Cock and Montijn. However, despite their differences, they are united in their mission to protect the city and its people and uncover a dangerous web of crime and corruption, and use all their skills and knowledge to bring the culprits to justice and ensure the safety of the coronation.

The film's tense atmosphere, dynamic storyline, and excellent casting make it an enjoyable and immersive experience. With the coronation of Princess Beatrix as the backdrop, Amsterdam Vice offers a glimpse into the troubled world of 1980s Amsterdam and the challenges faced by the city's law enforcement.

Amsterdam, 1980's. Two police detectives enter a race against time when they encounter a violent plot against the Royal Family.

Awards and festivals:
• Golden and Platin Film, Netherlands 2019 - Winner - Golden Film
• Nederlands Film Festival 2019 - Winner - Golden Calf - Best Production Design
• Nederlands Film Festival 2019 - Nominee - Golden Calf - Best Supporting Actor
• Nederlands Film Festival 2019 - Nominee - Best Music
• Nederlands Film Festival 2019 - Nominee - Best Supporting Actor
• Nederlands Film Festival 2019 - Nominee - Best Supporting Actress

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