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An Interview With Josef Hader


An Interview With Josef Hader

Josef Hader is a renowned cabaret artist, who plays Sepp Ahorner in Under Suspicion. We interviewed him about his role and here’s what he had to say.

You're not often seen in TV movies. Why did you decide to star in this one?

I've known Maria Hofstätter for a long time. We played together once and have never had anything to do with each other since. It was a great wish of mine to work with her one day. And Nikolaus Leytner is a director who really stands for quality on television. This combination was very impressive. And the cherry on top was that I was allowed to play with Erni Mangold for the first time in my life.

One gets the impression that you think very carefully about the projects you do. Where does this calm come from?

From the independence you have as a cabaret artist. Because you're usually so busy with the cabaret performances that projects only come to fruition if you've been asked a long time beforehand and you absolutely want to. I am therefore unsuitable for the standard flow of the movie industry. This is a luxurious situation. Film work is not necessarily a honey lick. For a project that you really care about, it's fun. If you did it all the time, then I don't even know if that would be the right job for me.

You are currently shooting the sixth part of this crime series. Have you seen the three that have already aired?

I know who made the films but I haven't seen any because I'm such a lazy guy. I usually have things to do in the evening and on the days off, those around me won't forgive me if I'm watching TV of all things.

The rural thrillers have so far been distinguished by their own signature style. Does this film also stand out from the usual crime thrillers?

I guess so. I believe that very idiosyncratic artists are involved. Maria follows her path very precisely; Erni Mangold has followed her path since the 1950s and hasn't put up with anything. And I'm also someone who doesn't necessarily give in to everything that might be possible. I think you can feel this individuality in the film.

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