An Interview With Jutta Fastian




An Interview With Jutta Fastian

Jutta Fastian has appeared in a wide variety of roles in around 50 TV productions, most recently in the country thriller Appointment with Death as policewoman Martina Schober. In this interview, Fastian talks about her life as an actress.

How did you cope with the past Corona year?
Very well, like all my activities, I scaled back a bit. Thank God we were able to shoot taking into account the Corona regulations. I have the feeling that we've all moved a little closer together. In the end, the time went by faster than you initially thought.

How did you get into acting?
I was allowed to act in theater as a child in elementary school: I wrote a small play when I was eight years old. It was my first leading role, so to speak, and kind of the initial spark. I was overjoyed and in my element. From then on, my biggest dream was to be an actress.

Which qualifications do you have?
In 1987, I attended the Krauss acting school in Vienna for a year. After that I studied at the Vienna Conservatory under the direction of Elfriede Ott. Sometime later I was drawn to Los Angeles, USA, where I visited the Beverly Playhouse and the Joanne Baron Studio for a year and a half. It was an incredibly important time that I look back on fondly.

50 TV productions is a big number. Which did you find to be the most fascinating?
The most fascinating role is usually the one I'm playing at the moment. But “Appointment with Death” was very special for me. The team was a dream, especially the great director Daniel Prochaska.

What role models do you have?
Oh, there are many wonderful actresses and actors that I take inspiration from.

Where do you want to be in five to ten years?
That will always remain my secret. You should make certain plans with yourself.

Where is the center of your life?
Definitely in Vienna, where I currently live. And, of course, always the area around Lake Millstatt, where I grew up.

How about vacation?
I absolutely love going on vacation. Nothing is planned at the moment, but if something comes up spontaneously, I'm happy and I'll definitely be there immediately.

What do you do besides acting?
I go hiking regularly, I love to play table tennis and I fervently sing Carinthian songs with my sisters.


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