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Appointment with Death - Daniel Prochaska - Austria

Appointment with Death (Austria, 2020) by Eurochannel

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An Interview With Jutta Fastian

Appointment with Death (Waidmannsdank, 2020)

Director: Daniel Prochaska
Cast: Jutta Fastian, Pia Hierzegger, Robert Stadlober
Genre: Crime
Length: 89’


A crime wave completely upends a small, tranquil remote mountain village in Austria. Everyone is suspicious of one another, and the murderer is among them. Eurochannel premiers Appointment with Death.

Our story is set in a small community in the Austrian countryside. Many residents have already migrated from the mountains. Because everyone knows each other, most things are simply agreed, unless something unusual happens. Those who remain – mostly single men and almost all hunters – meet in the evenings in the only bar that has not yet closed.

But then, an accident happens. A resident dies after falling from a raised pole. The village police officers Treichel and Martina initially believe it was a tragic accident, but then it turns out that one of the rungs of the ladder was manipulated, and all signs point to a crime. The hunter Flattacher, who found the dead man, quickly comes under suspicion.

Shortly thereafter, an attack on farmer Hannes Guggenbauer shook the village. Shots were fired after his car was ambushed. He survives unharmed, but Treichel, who was driving his car, is seriously injured and falls into a coma. Everyone suspects that someone is targeting Guggenbauer.

The community is in uproar, and everyone suspects everyone else. In order to support Schober with the police work, Chief Inspector Acham, a stressed working mom from Klagenfurt, is transferred to the small town. And so, a bizarre portrait of a small village community develops, in which illegal machinations and family conflicts are shaking the apparent peace. Everyone suspects everyone else and events in the village escalate.

A murder shakes apart the lives of the residents of a remote mountain village. The killer is one of them.

Awards and festivals:
• Diagonale, Austria 2021 - Winner - Thomas Pluch Screenplay Award
• Romy Gala, Austria 2021 -Nominee - Romy - Best Score

Airing times

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