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Child in Peril - Jérôme Cornuau - France

Child in Peril (France, 2013) by Eurochannel



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Child in Peril (Un enfant en danger, 2013)

Director: Jérôme Cornuau
Cast: Aure Atika, Claire Borotra, Arié Elmaleh
Genre: Thriller
Length: 93’


In the murky depths of familial discord and hidden motives, emerges a riveting exploration of a mother's desperate flight, a father's obscured intentions, and a relentless cop caught in the tangled web of a haunting past… We premiere Child in Peril.

Set against the backdrop of the Toulouse Juvenile Division, the film delves into the life of Rebecca, an enigmatic cop with a penchant for unraveling mysteries. Little did she know that the arrival of Mathieu Francoeur would thrust her into a labyrinth of deceit and manipulation, shrouded in the shadows of a sinister past.

The narrative unfurls when Mathieu walks into the police station, his eyes filled with anguish and desperation. His claim is simple yet laden with complexity - his ex-wife, Christelle, has abducted their son, Joachim. However, as the layers of the story peel away, the darkness beneath is exposed, revealing a history tainted with abuse and cruelty.

Rebecca's haunting memories resurface, flashing back to a museum encounter seven years prior, where Mathieu's true nature had been laid bare before her eyes. The scars of psychological violence inflicted upon Christelle and Joachim lingered in her consciousness, making the investigation a personal quest for justice.

As the relentless cop immerses herself in the case, the thin veneer of normalcy surrounding Christelle begins to crack. The alleged abduction transforms into a complex web of legal battles, secret decisions, and a mother's desperate attempt to shield her son from an ominous fate. The tension escalates with each revelation, mirroring Rebecca's relentless pursuit for truth in a world clouded by lies.

Supported by Fabien, a fellow police officer and a father, Rebecca unravels the threads of deception, navigating the treacherous waters of a child caught between warring parents. The dichotomy between the idealized father and the obscured reality becomes a central theme, inviting viewers to question the facade presented to the world.

As the film hurtles towards its gripping climax, the audience is left breathless, entangled in the enigma of a child's fate hanging in the balance. "Child in Peril" invites viewers to confront the shadows that linger within the seemingly ordinary, compelling them to question the illusions of normalcy and the high stakes involved when innocence is threatened.

A missing child case takes an unexpected turn when the father accuses the mother of being the kidnapper.

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