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Deadly Visions - Alfredo Contreras - Spain

Deadly Visions (Spain, 2023) by Eurochannel




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Deadly Visions (Burga, 2023)

Director: Alfredo Contreras
Cast: Mercè Llorens, Fede Alonso, Fernando Esteso
Genre: Horror
Length: 101’


In the shadowy corridors of the mind, where reality blurs and nightmares take shape, an amnesiac awakens to a chilling diagnosis, setting the stage for a relentless battle between the mind and its darkest secrets… Eurochannel premieres Deadly Visions.

In the realm of psychological horror, Deadly Visions emerges as a gripping and enigmatic exploration of the human mind. Inspired by a real and unique case in Spanish psychiatry during the 1960s, this film delves into the twisted labyrinth of perceptions and hallucinations that haunt its protagonist, Elena.

The narrative unfolds with Elena waking up in a psychiatric hospital room, devoid of any recollection of her past. Struggling with amnesia and diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, she embarks on a harrowing journey to distinguish reality from the phantoms that dance through the corridors of her consciousness.

The film's central premise draws from a real-life case in Spanish psychiatry, adding an unsettling layer of authenticity to the storyline. Elena's eerie visions and struggles with mental illness echo the chilling experiences of individuals who grappled with similar afflictions in the past.

Elena's character, portrayed with depth and nuance, is brought to life by the talented cast, immersing the audience in the claustrophobic setting of a private mental health hospital. The mind becomes the battleground, and as Elena fights to retain her sanity, the line between her worst nightmares and the truth blurs.

The enigma deepens when Elena discovers that she is the heir to her father's substantial assets, the owner of the hospital. However, her father's mysterious disappearance raises questions about his fate and the intentions of those around her. Is she genuinely suffering from mental illness, or is she ensnared in a web of manipulation and deceit designed to gain control of the family business?

The film's psychological depth is accentuated by its "claustrophobic" context, immersing viewers in the inner universe of the protagonist. The unsettling atmosphere is carefully crafted to heighten the suspense, emphasizing the emotional and psychological toll of Elena's journey.

As the layers of the narrative are peeled back, Deadly Visions raises profound questions about the fragility of the human mind and the thin veil that separates reality from illusion. The film invites audiences to confront their own perceptions, challenging them to discern the boundaries between sanity and madness.

After waking up in a mental hospital with no memory of how she got there, a woman experiences terrifying visions as she desperately tries to escape.

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