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Discover Calabria




Discover Calabria

The Tailor’s Wife is shot in the region of Calabria, which is known for its pristine waters, the Riace Bronzes, Reggio Calabria, and Capo Vaticano, as well as for its alluring blend of history and beauty. Here is a brief profile on this fascinating region.

The southern Italian area of Calabria, commonly referred to as the "tip of the Italian boot," is distinguished by the extraordinary variety of its scenery. The territory's proximity of mountains to a beautiful coastline draws visitors from all over the world. Calabria can justifiably be described as mountainous due to its high mounts Pollino, Sila, and Aspromonte. It is bordered by two seas, the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian, and has an exceptionally attractive coastline with pristine white beaches and craggy cliffs filled with grottos. However, it is also a region of fertile plains, particularly in Sibari, Gioia Tauro, and Sant'Eufemia. Despite being a region of sun and sea, its higher elevations may become covered in snow in the winter.

Though it is in the Mediterranean, the area features thick forests. It is therefore instantly apparent that Calabria cannot be accurately described, not even in geographical terms.

A fascinating area that has drawn travelers and conquerors from a diverse range of nations throughout the ages.

The capital of Calabria is Catanzaro, is by far the most populated, with 2.5 times more residents than the capital. The provinces are: Catanzaro, Cosenza, Crotone, Reggio Calabria and Vibo Valentia. Calabria stretches from north to south for 248 kilometers, with a maximum width of 110 kilometers. It is separated from Sicily by the Strait of Messina, where the narrowest point between Capo Peloro in Sicily and Punta Pezzo in Calabria is only 3.2 kilometers.

Calabria was one of Italy's poorer regions for a while, but more recently, the government has boosted the economy by implementing land reform, introducing new crops, and promoting tourism. The principal crops include wheat, citrus fruit, grapes, olives, plums, and grapefruit, and farming is still the main industry. The Strait of Messina is a well-developed area for fishing.

Calabria is well-known for its stunning seaside resorts, its expansive white sand beaches, warm water, and pure air, as well as the vibrant nightlife present in the area's numerous clubs and eateries. It is largely a mountainous location away from the coast. The Pollino, The Sila, and The Aspromonte are the three ranges. Each of the three has its own distinctive flora and fauna and has been recognized as a national park. Rugged mountains called the Pollino Mountains in the region's north act as a natural border between Calabria and the rest of Italy.


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