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Fallen Angel (Italy, 2008) by Eurochannel

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Fallen Angel (Galantuomini, 2008)

Cast: Donatella Finocchiaro, Fabrizio Gifuni, Giuseppe Fiorello
Director: Edoardo Winspeare
Genre: Crime
Length: 103’


A well-known judge comes back to his native region to find out that his old friend is dead and the woman he once loved is now working for a crime organization. Eurochannel premiers Fallen Angel.

Italy, 1990s. Ignazio is an esteemed judge who has recently returned to the city after having worked in the North for many years. He sees Lucia, the woman he has always been secretly in love with since he was a child. The woman works as a perfume salesman, but it is a cover. In reality, Lucia has become the right arm of the boss Carmine Za, one of the leaders of the Sacra Corona Unita: the new criminal organization that has reached its peak of power and ferocity.

Ignazio, Fabio and Lucia grew up together, where they formed an indivisible trio in the years of their youth in the sixties, but their different backgrounds have divided them over time. He, the son of the high bourgeoisie of the 'gentlemen', has become a magistrate; she, a daughter of peasants, has turned to the underworld and is now the head of a criminal organization.

One evening, Fabio stops to play billiards at the Infantino’s bar, who’s one of the most active drug dealers in the area. The next day, Fabio is found lifeless from a drug overdose. Ignazio, shocked by the incident, is entrusted with the case, but in trying to unmask the drug business, he discovers that Lucia is not only involved, but that she is actually a sort of boss of the organization.

Ignazio's world is in crisis. Torn by the conflict, he resigns from the case, but one night, after a firefight between rival gangs, Lucia - hunted by everyone - knocks on Ignazio's door. Wounded and hurt by her lies and the revelation of her true nature, he confronts her, pushing her in spite of her in hiding. But the seduced judge and the dark lady still have a love bill to settle.

The film is a love story set in a land that has lost its innocence, seen its status as an idyllic refuge tarnished. A Shakespearean dilemma of universal relevance is addressed: choosing between the law, between rules and love, passion, and feelings. He has to choose whether to be a man of the law or to listen to love. She has to choose between her law – the code of criminality – and passion.

After his longtime friend is found dead, a judge returns to his hometown in Italy. He discovers that the woman he once loved is now the local mafia boss.

Awards and festivals:
• David di Donatello Awards 2009 - Nominee - Best Actress
• Golden Ciak Awards 2009 - Nominee - Golden Ciak - Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Editing
• Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2009 - Nominee - Silver Ribbon - Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor
• Kosmorama, Trondheim Internasjonale Filmfestival 2009 -Nominee - The Kosmorama Award
• Premio Berenice 2009 -Winner - La Chioma di Berenice - Best Hairstyling in Film
• Rome Film Fest 2008 - Winner - Best Actress - Donatella Finocchiaro
• Rome Film Fest 2008 - Nominee - Golden Marc'Aurelio Award - Edoardo Winspeare

Airing times

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