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Flatline - Bogomil Kalinov - Bulgaria



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A Conversation With Bogomil Kalinov, The Director of Flatline

Top 5 Medical Drama TV Shows You Need to Watch

Flatline (Ashes Over Sun, 2020)

Director: Bogomil Kalinov
Cast: Julian Vergov, Silvia Petkova, Alexander Kalinov
Genre: Thriller
Length: 90’


In the labyrinth of life's uncertainties, where the heartbeats of truth often fade into whispers of doubt, there emerges a tale that pulses with the electrifying rhythm of revelation… Eurochannel premieres Flatline.

The powerful new Bulgarian film Flatline is a brutally honest look inside the medical profession that will leave viewers squirming in their seats. Directed by Bogomil Kalinov, the film pulls no punches in its unflinching examination of the intense pressures doctors face and the grave consequences of their actions.

Flatline centers around Dr. Stefan Stefanov, a talented but troubled surgeon played by Julian Vergov. After a controversial operation leads to the death of a patient, Stefanov's world begins to unravel. A news reporter, Antonia Zhekova, attempts to get to the bottom of what really happened, but Stefanov remains tight-lipped, insisting "it's a complicated matter."

As the hospital's ethical commission investigates whether Stefanov made mistakes during the operation, disturbing hints emerge about the surgeon's past trauma. It's revealed that years earlier, Stefanov was hospitalized after a severe car crash and diagnosed with reactive psychosis brought on by stress. "We as doctors don't have the luxury to make mistakes," explains his former psychiatrist Dr. Monov. "In our profession it is difficult to distinct between normal and pathological."

Despite being cleared by the commission to return to surgery, Stefanov begins to unravel psychologically as the guilt over his patient's death consumes him. The film takes a stunning turn in its final act as the full extent of Stefanov's psychological deterioration is revealed. In a series of haunting scenes, the surgeon is shown wandering the hospital halls in the middle of the night, muttering feverishly about life, death and human imperfection.

While undoubtedly bleak, Flatline never feels exploitative in its grim subject matter. By the climactic scenes, it becomes clear that Flatline has no interest in assigning easy blame. Rather, it simply wants to shine a light on the incredible stress and life-or-death stakes doctors face every day. The film takes an unflinching look at the heavy toll this pressure can take, even on the most talented surgeons.

In an era defined by moral ambiguity and ethical dilemmas, Flatline serves as a timely reminder of the power of perseverance, integrity, and the unwavering quest for justice. As the credits roll and the lights dim, audiences are left to ponder the timeless themes and haunting imagery of Flatline, a cinematic tour de force that transcends boundaries and leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

A respected surgeon is engulfed in scandal after a patient's suspicious death. A determined journalist investigates to uncover what truly happened.

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