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Three Key Lithuanian Films to Watch

Hold Your Breath (Together for Ever, 2017)

Director: Lina Luzyte
Cast: Dainius Gavenonis, Eila Grybinaite, Gabija Jaraminaite
Genre: Drama, thriller


What beyond the front door of their home seems like a normal loving family, is inside a living hell. A three-member family takes on its most difficult test. The father barely spends time at home. The mother divides her attention between her hospital job and satisfying her libido. The daughter fills up with junk food and throws tantrums in a desperate call for attention. Eurochannel premieres the thrilling family drama, Hold Your Breath!

This movie proves that there is always more than meets the eye. In Hold Your Breath, you will meet the perfect family, at least in the eyes of society. Their perfection glitters at every event they go together. However, behind closed doors, things always take a turn for the worse. They reside under the same roof, yet it seems as if they’re living in parallel universes.

As the plot develops, viewers plunge into the family’s web of white lies and manipulation, as silence and isolation become denser and more impenetrable. While the mother works in a hospital and the father is often away for days on end working as a stuntman, the daughter spends most of her time alone at home. After an unsuccessful attempt to bring her family together, an old love of the mother returns and, the one night she decides to give in to her lust, her family finally falls apart.

This emotionally powerful feature film debut is a compelling family drama, while also being the portrait of a woman who is willing to push herself to her limits to gain a functional family!


An apparently happy three-member family is the envy of their friends. But behind closed doors, divergent interests keep them apart. Soon enough, it becomes clear that their life together, in fact, represents three separate parallel existences devoid of any visible effort to achieve mutual understanding.

Awards and Festivals:

Official selection:
• Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2016
• CinEast Film Festival 2016
• Cairo International Film Festival 2016
• International Film Festival of Kerala 2017
• Turin Film Festival 2016
• European Union Film Showcase, Washington, USA, 2016
• LET'S CEE International Film Festival 2017, Special Mention
• EU Film Festival in Japan 2017
• NORDIALE - Nordische & Baltische Filmwoche, 2017
• EU Film Festival in Romania 2017

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