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Ibiza Fever - Johan Nijenhuis - The Netherlands

Ibiza Fever (The Netherlands, 2013) by Eurochannel



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A Decade of Heartfelt Laughter: Unveiling Memorable Romcoms

Johan Nijenhuis: The Prolific Dutch Director and Award-Winning Maestro

Ibiza Fever (Verliefd op Ibiza, 2013)
The Netherlands

Director: Johan Nijenhuis
Cast: Willeke van Ammelrooy, Jim Bakkum, Rick Engelkes
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Length: 112’


Bask in the shimmering Mediterranean sun, feel the pulse of the electrifying beats, and surrender to the allure of love on the enchanting island of Ibiza. Eurochannel premieres Ibiza Fever.

Picture this: white sandy beaches, crystal-clear blue waters, world-famous DJs, and a group of colorful characters seeking love and excitement. That's the setting for this tropical tale of intertwined destinies, where love is in the air and the beats are contagious.

In Ibiza Fever, we follow the escapades of eleven diverse souls, each with their unique reasons for making the pilgrimage to this party paradise. Football sensation Kevin, with dreams as big as the island itself, plans to celebrate his lady love Elsa's birthday in grand style. But when he encounters the vivacious party planner Lizzy, sparks fly, and suddenly, Kevin finds himself torn between love and allure.

Singer Lex, once a rockstar in Japan, is now in the autumn of his glory days. Living on the island with his daughters, the dynamic among the trio ignites both love and friction. Meanwhile, the twins Dylan and Boyd, along with their friend Lars, chase their DJ dreams, seeking a chance encounter with the legendary Armin van Buuren.

But the plot thickens as Lars finds himself captivated by the beautiful and mature Irma, who's hoping for a peaceful getaway. Amidst the sun-soaked shores and vibrant nightlife, love weaves its unpredictable magic, bringing unexpected connections and heartwarming revelations.

On the night of Armin van Buuren's sensational performance, the island's energy reaches its zenith. Will love triumph? Will dreams be fulfilled? As the beats resonate and hearts collide, Ibiza Fever promises a concoction of laughter, love, and a soundtrack that'll make your heart dance.

As the sun sets and the music rises to a crescendo, hearts will race, laughter will echo through the night, and love will find its way in the most unexpected places. Join us for a romcom adventure like no other, where the irresistible charm of Ibiza sets the stage for a love-filled soirée you won't want to miss.

On vacation in Ibiza, a group of strangers finds themselves caught in the middle of the wildest party of their lives, sparking unexpected flings.

Awards and festivals:
• Rembrandt Awards - 2014 Nominee Rembrandt Award - Best Film (Beste Nederlandse Film)
• Rembrandt Awards - 2014 Nominee Rembrandt Award - Best Film Song (Beste Filmhitsong
• Nederlands Film Festival - 2013 Nominee Audience Award - Johan Nijenhuis
• Nederlands Film Festival - 2013 Nominee Film Poster Award - Johan Nijenhuis
• Golden and Platin Film, Netherlands - 2013 Winner Golden Film - 100.000 Admissions
• Golden and Platin Film, Netherlands - 2013 Winner Platin Film - 400.000 Admissions

Airing times

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