Interview- Katy Louise Saunders
Katy Louise Saunders

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Interview with Katy Louise Saunders (Susanna Egre)

What can you tell us about The Great Turin?

The Great Turin is a tragic historical event that shook Italy. In the '40s, Italy's national team was represented by the same players of The Great Turin. They where amazing. Unfortunately in 1949 there was a tragic plane crash with all the team on board.

Were you familiar with the famous soccer team before filming the movie?

I had heard of the tragedy but did not know the details.

What attracted you to the character of Susanna Egre?

The idea of playing someone who really existed and that is one of the few people who can tell us a lot about the team and tragedy. She was also a dancer and I had always wanted to play a ballet dancer.

Can you describe your experience working with everyone involved in the film?

It was great teamwork. I was called by the director Claudio Bonivento through Michele Placido who was the first person to have ever directed me. Michele also had a part in the movie. I straight away had great feelings with my acting partner Ciro Esposito and my father. I think we all felt a great responsibility in telling a story which was so felt and in the heart of all Italians. We really wanted to do our best.

You acted in the world famous Nespresso commercial directed by Guy Ritchie starring George Clooney. How was the experience?

Amazing. Both are so down to earth. The set was fun! There was no pressure. It was surreal for me. George Clooney is such a human and thoughtful person. I am lucky to have worked with him.

What are your upcoming projects?

I am now starring in an Italian TV series about a talent show, so it's full of music and dance. I am the lead character who lives for dancing...

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