Interview with Anna Di Francisca



Interview with Anna Di Francisca (Director)

How did you come up with the story of Last Chance for Love?
I lived the experience of the choir and I wanted to tell a story in which the music, especially in an “aggregating” form like the one of a polyphonic choir, manages to unite the most disparate and distant individuals, creating a bond that cancels all social and cultural differences. A sort of therapy.

How would you describe the film to an international audience? What makes it different from other European comedies?
My movie is a cathartic story . . . Edoardo, my protagonist, expresses the discomfort of living in a country, Italy, where culture is not so important. He can’t accept it. He lives a sort of human and professional redemption due to his “therapeutic exchange” working with the choir. The tagline could be: “How life can be shaken upside down by the arrival of a stranger.”

I love European comedies, such as Calendar Girls, The Full Monty, Intouchables. The problem is to make European comedies as an Italian director. I hope to make Italian comedy with a European spirit!

How was the experience of directing an international cast, with actors from Spain, Argentina, Italy, Serbia, etc.?
It was wonderful! It was funny to mix actors from different countries and cultures ― very stimulating and enriching!

You had in the cast famous and award-winning actors like Maribel Verdú and Miki Manojlovic; how important was their presence to develop the project?
It was very important to develop the project and I think Spanish actors are available and friendly; they helped the crew and cast by creating a very good atmosphere. Miki is a very good actor and is able to express Edoardo’s malaise with funny details.

What did you find most challenging while filming the movie?
Working in harmony. I try to be a “calm” director, a “female director” with my special point- of-view, looking for humor and respect in every moment.

In every comedy, there are funny anecdotes behind the scenes. Are there any in particular that you remember to this day?
Italian actor Neri Marcorè was always able to “kill” every tension with his sense of humor and his kind behavior. The last day of shooting, he gave one rose to every woman of the set. Hector Alterio, a wonderful 80-year-old Argentine actor was always perfect as an old soldier of the Franco period. The only time he made a mistake in a scene, he stopped and apologized to everybody. He has to teach his elegant way of acting and living on a set to everybody!

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