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Interview with Maria de Medeiros

Maria Medeiros
Maria Medeiros



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Interview with Maria de Medeiros (actress)

What do you think that makes I'm Not Dead stand from other French films?
When I received the script I thought it was great. The mixture of possible readings that are in the film is inspiring; it is a fantastic film that simultaneously speaks of a French reality, and the real problem of the integration of foreigners into the country. There is much talk about the problems in the lower classes, but rarely on integration in the highest levels.

I liked that it talked about the problem of integration into the intellectual classes. There were several things that I recognized in my experience as an actress here.

The film deals somehow with racial differences, can viewers stick to that view? Does it really happen in France?
Yes, the connection with people who come from the Maghreb has many things behind, because of the violence in the ending of the colonialism. However, the film deals with that through a love story. There is also a social reading: humans usually fell in love with the same person - or in other words, the same features in different persons.

You're an actress, singer, director, what do you prefer the most and why?
I honestly like them all, what I like is no to choose. I think those three facets are complementary. After directing think I rather acting and put all my talent to the service of a director and his universe. Somehow I became more docile since I know the responsibility of directing a film.

Tell us about your facet as a singer.
I have recorded three albums: A Little More Blue, Penínsulas & Continenres, y Pájaros eternos. The latter has been released in Spain and Brazil so far, and it is the first album in which I am the composer of almost all the songs. We have given concerts in Brazil, Spain, Portugal and at the Cervantes Festival last September in Mexico.
As an actress who's worked in different European countries and America, what's your perspective of European cinema? What does it offer different from Hollywood?
European cinema has an extraordinary variety. It is made in many languages, reflecting different realities because Europe is full of contrasts and very ancient cultures.

There is also a system of government funding that allows directors and screenwriters to come up and make films that dare to explore other languages. To my eyes, that makes it very exciting.

Back to Hollywood, how was that experience with Quentin Tarantino in Pulp Fiction? Are you still in contact?
The films I've done in the United States have been with authors, so it hasn’t been really different compared to Europe. Quentin is an extremely original author and with amazing talent - all the actors who have worked with him have been very happy. He has continued making great films. For instance, Django seems to me a very important film in the history of American cinema. We are still in touch and the last time we met was in México.

Are you working on any filming projects at the moment? Can you tell us something about them?
I am touring with the album Pájaros Eternos. Also, I spent most of 2013 in Brazil doing a play called A nuestros hijos (To Our Children), which played all over the country: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Porto Alegre and other cities. Now I'm adapting the play to a film.

I've also been doing two films in Canada: Meetings with a Young Poet, and Masters of Suspense. I have spent most of the year in Brazil and Canada.

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