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It Comes at Night (Germany, 2020) by Eurochannel



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It Comes at Night (Im Nachtlicht, 2020)

Director: Misha Kreuz
Cast: Diana Maria Frank, Ralf Drexler, David Rott
Genre: Thriller
Length: 104’


Depression and nightmares plague a lost young woman whose mysterious origins come back to haunt her. Eurochannel premieres It Comes at Night.

The movie opens with an air of mystique, weaving together powerful imagery and references to Greek mythology that will leave you on the edge of your seat. We are introduced to Minthe, a young woman tormented by recurring nightmares and battling the demons of her past. Her life is a constant struggle, bouncing from one odd job to another, never finding a stable anchor.

Minthe spent her childhood bouncing between foster homes, never knowing her true parents or origins. Now an adult, she struggles with depression, medication, and disturbing nightmares. As she barely gets by on odd jobs, her life takes an eerie turn when she's offered a position restoring an old mill in her mysterious hometown of Wolfstal.

Thrust into this ominous new environment, Minthe quickly realizes something sinister lurks beneath the surface. Ominous townspeople and unexplained events leave her questioning what's real. It soon becomes clear Minthe is at the center of a dark conspiracy tied to her foggy origins.

As Minthe seeks answers about her past and identity, she's drawn into a world of secrets, lies, and evil. Her nightmares bleed into reality as she confronts mysterious shapeshifting beings and a labyrinth of underground caves. This evil force exerts a disturbing fascination over Minthe, despite her fear.

Will Minthe uncover the truth of who she is and where she came from? Or will the darkness swallow her whole, keeping its mysteries forever hidden? Her harrowing journey promises to be a rollercoaster between psychological thriller and horror fantasy. With its blend of depressing realism and fantastical horror, this film aims to leave a lingering sense of unease and disquiet. Will you make it out unscathed?

A young woman attempting to restore an abandoned mill in a remote area soon discovers the place harbors a dangerous creature.

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