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Lanester (Lanester, 2014)

Director: Franck Mancuso
Cast: Richard Berry, Emma de Caunes, Hippolyte Girardot
Genre: Drama


In the heart of Paris, crime and violence are spreading. Eurochannel premieres a thrilling new series about a police detective who stops at nothing to solve every murder in his files. Sickness, memories, family or friendship will stand in his way, but he is restless. Meet a one-in-a-million man: Lanester!

This crime drama, a staple of the genre, details the tireless efforts of Paris’s most dedicated and hard-working squad of officers and their leader, Eric Lanester. Lanester not only explores complex and tumultuous cases that keep these cops working around the clock, but also digs deeper, exploring the relationships, psychology, and personal traumas of the team leader.

Directed by Franck Mancuso, Lanester is a series with gripping plots produced according to the highest standards. It deals with serial murderers and secret lives, but also social issues like anorexia. In every episode, Eric Lanester, the main character, is affected by his personal demons, but manages to solve each case with the surprising assistance of an unexpected and quirkily friendly taxi driver.

The series is an adaptation of the works about Commandant Lanester, a fictional detective created by police novels author Françoise Guérin.

This thrilling crime drama took French viewers by storm, reaching in its premiere an outstanding figure of 4.2 million viewers and 16.9% of the market share.

Episode 1

In the west of Paris, three strange murders are committed. Each time, the victim is eviscerated before being arranged in a macabre display. While discovering one of these, police commander Eric Lanester (Richard Berry) loses his sight. With the help of Gabrielle (Emma de Caunes), a young woman taxi driver, the cop nevertheless continues his investigation, which soon awakens demons he considered buried forever.

Episode 2: Memento Mori

In the space of few months, three anorexic teenagers have disappeared from the clinic where they were patients. Runaways or kidnap victims? Their families are in distress and the investigation is going nowhere. Lanester is put in charge of trying to find the young girls. With the help of Gabrielle, his faithful cab driver, and still struggling with his own inner demons, he undertakes this painful investigation, which sends him unwillingly back to the roots of his own personal quest.

Lanester – Episode 3: The Children of the Latter Rain

During a visit to his brother, who is hospitalized in a psychiatric unit, Lanester (Richard Berry) witnesses a brutal death, immediately followed by a suicide. Accident or madness? A vigilante seems to take clinical tests to eliminate sick people who have committed violent acts or sexual assault and have escaped justice. Still other patients, quite harmless, are in turn poisoned and suddenly become subject to delirious episodes or crises of despair. Has the hospital director, driven by greed, agreed to overextend hazardous therapeutic trials? Is someone trying to harm him by attacking his patients? Several staff members seem to have some reason to take revenge on him.

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