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Loft (Loft, 2010)
The Netherlands

Director: Antoinette Beumer
Cast: Fedja van Huêt, Barry Atsma, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge
Genre: Thriller
Length: 101’


Loves, lies and lust. The extramarital affairs of a group of five married friends take a disastrous turn when a dead body is discovered in their shared loft. Eurochannel premieres Loft.

This thrilling movie revolves around five married men who secretly share a luxurious loft for their extramarital affairs. The loft serves as a safe haven for their affairs, until one winter morning when they discover the body of a young woman in the apartment. None of the friends know the woman, but their world is turned upside down as they try to find out what happened.

As the men investigate the crime, mistrust and betrayal start to rise. The strict rules that they have followed for years are tested and it becomes clear that they know much less about each other than they initially thought. The dead woman turns out to be an acquaintance of one of the men and the group begins to suspect each other.

The friends are faced with a difficult decision: whether to call the police or ensure that the body disappears. The dead woman is not the only one with secrets, as the friends' relationships are tested and their own secrets are revealed. The film raises the question of how well people really know each other and how far they are willing to go to protect their secrets.

This movie explores the consequences of infidelity and the impact it has on relationships. The film is a roller coaster ride of suspicion, mistrust, and secrets that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The talented cast brings the story to life, making Loft a must-watch for fans of mystery and crime films.

Five married friends make a pact to share a secret loft for their extramarital affairs. When the body of a young woman is found in the loft, they begin to suspect each other.

Awards and festivals:
• Golden and Platin Film, Netherlands 2011 - Winner - Platin Film
• Golden and Platin Film, Netherlands 2010 - Winner - Golden Film
• Nederlands Film Festival 2011 - Nominee - Golden Calf - Best Sound Design
• Rembrandt Awards 2011 - Winner - Rembrandt Award - Best Dutch Actor
• Rembrandt Awards 2011 - Nominee - Rembrandt Award - Best Dutch Actress
• Rembrandt Awards 2011 - Nominee - Rembrandt Award - Best Dutch Actor
• Rembrandt Awards 2011 - Nominee - Rembrandt Award - Best Film

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