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Mafia Vice - Vincenzo Marra - Italy

Mafia Vice (Italy, 2017) by Eurochannel

Mafia Vice

Mafia Vice

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Mafia Vice (L'equilibrio, 2017)

Director: Vincenzo Marra
Cast: Mimmo Borrelli, Roberto del Gaudio, Lucio Giannetti
Genre: Crime
Length: 90’


Amidst the shadows of Naples' crime-ridden streets, a courageous priest emerges, ready to confront the formidable presence of the Mafia. Eurochannel premieres Mafia Vice.

In this riveting film, director Vincenzo Marra takes audiences on an emotional journey through the depths of human struggle, faith, and the battle against corruption. Set in the heartland of Italy, this powerful story follows the transformation of Giuseppe, a missionary priest from Campania who finds himself entangled in the sinister web of the local underworld.

Giuseppe, brilliantly portrayed by Mimmo Borrelli, returns to Italy from his missionary work in Africa, seeking solace and answers to his crisis of faith. Transferred to a small village in the Neapolitan area, he replaces the revered parish priest Don Antonio, a charismatic figure fighting against the illegal disposal of toxic waste.

As Giuseppe delves deeper into his new role, he becomes a witness to the harsh reality of the community he serves. With determination and unwavering resolve, he immerses himself in aiding the villagers, even as he uncovers the uncomfortable truths lurking beneath the surface and the presence of the Mafia. Marra masterfully explores the intricate dynamics of power and corruption, as Giuseppe battles not only the physical threats of the local underworld but also the moral dilemmas that arise.

The film expertly weaves together elements of spirituality, sacrifice, and the pursuit of justice. Giuseppe's Christological journey becomes the core of his transformation, as he embraces his calling with unwavering conviction. Through symbolic scenes and powerful imagery, the movie draws parallels between Giuseppe's sacrifices and those made by Jesus himself, leading to thought-provoking reflections on the nature of selflessness and the greater good.

The movie shines a light on the courage and resilience of individuals faced with overwhelming odds. It showcases the human condition, with all its frailties and contradictions, through the compelling portrayal of weak and wounded characters. The film's tension is palpable, with each scene carrying a sense of urgency and danger. It compels us to question our own beliefs and consider the lengths to which we would go to fight for justice and protect the ones we love.

In the crime-ridden streets of Naples, a newly arrived priest takes on the local Mafia and challenges their grip on the community.

Awards and festivals:
• Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2018 - Nominee - Silver Ribbon - Best Original Story
• BIFEST - Bari International Film Festival - 2018 - Winner- Italian Competition Award -Best Supporting Actor
• Venice Film Festival - 2017 - Nominee - Fedeora Award - Best Film

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