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Medusa's Mystery - Christian Faure - France

Medusa's Mystery (France, 2019) by Eurochannel



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Exploring the Enigmatic World of Greek Mythology in Cinema

From Myth to Screen: The Fascination with Medusa in Popular Culture

Medusa's Mystery (La Promesse de l'Eau, 2019)

Director: Christian Faure
Cast: Nicolas Gob, Thomas Jouannet, Éva Darlan
Genre: Crime
Length: 91’


Where the treacherous depths of Greek mythology collide with the deadliest waters off the coast of Montpellier… Eurochannel premieres Medusa’s Mystery.

Montpellier's coastal waters hold secrets that have fascinated humanity for centuries, and Medusa’s Mystery brings these mysteries to life. This gripping cinematic experience takes viewers on a thrilling journey into the depths of Greek mythology, where a coveted treasure - the golden statuette of Medusa - becomes the catalyst for a suspenseful and intricate plot.

The story revolves around the Le Guen brothers, Police Captain Guillaume Le Guen and Gendarmerie Captain Damien Le Guen. When Thibault Gagneur, Guillaume's son-in-law, discovers the priceless statuette of Medusa in a sunken wreck, little does he know the perilous fate that awaits him. The following day, Thibault's boat is found adrift, and his sudden disappearance launches a full-scale investigation led by the Le Guen brothers.

As the Le Guen brothers delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding Thibault's disappearance, they face an array of possibilities. Could it be the legendary curse associated with the Medusa statuette that has claimed another victim? Or perhaps a rival treasure hunter, driven by greed and desperation, seeks to eliminate any competition? The plot thickens when the investigation uncovers a connection to Thibault's past, entwining his parents' mysterious disappearance aboard their sailboat.

The film's setting off the coast of Montpellier, enhances the sense of danger and intrigue. Known for its treacherous sea currents and a history of divers vanishing without a trace, the stage is set for a gripping narrative that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. As the Le Guen brothers navigate these treacherous waters, their determination to solve the mystery intensifies, fueled not only by their professional duty but also by their personal ties to Thibault. Guillaume's daughter, Emilie, is expecting a child, making the urgency to find answers all the more pressing.

Medusa’s Mystery intertwines elements of Greek mythology, family bonds, and a race against time. The film expertly weaves together the threads of suspense, romance, and personal stakes, captivating audiences with its intricate plot twists and unexpected revelations. As the Le Guen brothers inch closer to uncovering the truth, viewers will be kept guessing until the final climactic moments.

After finding a golden statuette of Medusa in the depths of the ocean, a young diver mysteriously vanishes. The police detectives discover a curse surrounding the artifact and quickly find themselves in great danger.

Awards and festivals:
• Globes de Cristal Awards 2020 - Nominee - Globe de Cristal - Best Television Film

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