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Movies By Ivano De Matteo


Movies By Ivano De Matteo

Ivano De Matteo is the director of On The Edge. He is renowned for his ability to present difficult concepts and highlight the socioeconomic difference in our communities. Three more films by this affluent director are profiled here.

Gli equilibristi (Balancing Act) (2012)
A married man with children is forced to move out when his wife became outraged over his one-time infidelity. Even though he only has a meager job, he must now make ends meet and anxiously searches for a solution.


I nostri ragazzi (The Dinner) (2014)
Tensions between two brothers and their families escalate when a video of two teenagers, possibly the son of one brother and the daughter of the other, beating a homeless woman to death, shows up.

Villetta con ospiti (Guests in the Villa) (2020)

A wonderful middle-class family's tale can be told in 24 hours in a tiny, affluent town in northern Italy. In a type of obedient ballet of good intentions, these perfect women and their spouses display their virtues during the day at the bar, the hair salon, and a parish party. But as night falls, the comedy shifts to considerably darker tones, and this small town's hidden face suddenly emerges as one filled with violence and pettiness. The seven main characters in this tale, who stand in for the seven deadly sins, arrive with the utmost innocence. None of them look particularly at fault, but in the end, when darkness falls, they will all be found responsible for a terrible crime.

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