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On The Run - Claudia Gerini - Italy

On The Run (Italy, 2022) by Eurochannel




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On The Run (Tapirulàn, 2022)

Director: Claudia Gerini
Cast: Claudia Gerini, Stefano Pesce, Claudia Vismara
Genre: Drama
Length: 101’


An online counselor navigating the delicate tapestry of human emotions, becomes both the healer and the haunted… Eurochannel premieres On The Run.

On The Run revolves around Emma, a dedicated online counselor, whose life takes a compelling turn as she grapples with her own traumatic past while guiding others through the intricate landscape of their struggles.

The film dives headfirst into Emma's daily routine, where she navigates the complex landscape of her own psychological struggles by offering solace to others through online counseling. Emma employs a unique method to cope with the demanding nature of her profession. Running on a treadmill while counseling her clients online, Emma not only generates the endorphins necessary for concentration but also unwittingly adopts this method during the lockdown, a poignant reflection of the times we live in.

As the film unfolds, we delve into Emma's haunting past, learning that her self-imposed lockdown originated from a traumatic event during her adolescence. Choosing isolation as a means to escape, Emma later turns her mission into helping others heal from their traumas, an endeavor she commits to with unwavering dedication.

The clients who appear on Emma's screen reflect the diverse range of struggles people face daily. From Davide, grappling with guilt over a tragic accident, to Fabio, battling obsessive-compulsive syndrome, each character adds a layer to the intricate tapestry of the film.

The dramatic turning point occurs when Emma's long-lost sister Chiara bursts into her fortress of solitude with an unimaginable request. Emma is confronted by the painful news Chiara delivers during one of her sessions. The audience is drawn into the tension between Emma's self-imposed isolation and the external forces that threaten to expose the cracks in her carefully constructed facade.

Amidst the turmoil, Emma's professional life begins to crumble. Her customer satisfaction ratings plummet, and her supervisor highlights the consequences of her personal struggles on her work. Emma attempts to seek solace in a fleeting romance, but her inner demons persist.

The title On The Run takes on a dual meaning as Emma, both literally and metaphorically, attempts to escape from her haunting memories. The treadmill becomes her refuge, a place where the pounding of her feet serves as a desperate attempt to outrun the ghosts that linger in her past.

While running on her treadmill, an online therapist helps her patients. She is forced to confront her own traumas when her estranged sister suddenly reconnects with her.

Airing times

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