Pressure Point - Victor D. Ponten - Netherlands

Pressure Point (Netherlands, 2018) by Eurochannel

Pressure Point

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Pressure Point (Catacombe, 2018)

Director: Victor D. Ponten
Cast: Kevin Janssens, Werner Kolf, Orion Lee
Genre: Thriller
Length: 92’


A desperate man. A deadly loan. Now, it's time to pay. Welcome to the darkest side of sports with the story of Jermaine, a man who will have to decide between his family, his future, and his team. Eurochannel premieres Pressure Point, a nail-biting thriller in which the only way out is to play by the rules!

Pressure Point follows Jermaine, a troubled man facing the most difficult time in his career. During the day he works as a football player for a low-tier club and during the night he spends his time gambling money he doesn’t even have. His club is in the relegation zone and the team must win all the remaining matches while at home his girlfriend is running out of patience with Jermaine’s habits.

When Jermaine’s gambling addiction leads him to financial ruin, he is tempted to give in to an offer from a Chinese gambling syndicate. Now his family will not only be at stake but also the future of his teammates and his club. Will Jermaine betray them and himself by throwing the relegation match?

Eurochannel invites you to the world of a disturbed man whose life decisions could cost not only his life but also those of the ones he loves.

When his gambling debt is claimed by a match-fixing syndicate, Jermaine Slagter must do everything to keep his life from falling apart.

Airing times

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