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Rumors - Étienne Dhaene - France

Rumors (France, 2014) by Eurochannel



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Rumors (Rumeurs, 2014)

Director: Étienne Dhaene
Cast: Ingrid Chauvin, Bruno Slagmulder, Thomas Cousseau
Genre: Thriller
Length: 91’


In the sun-drenched embrace of a French village, where whispers linger like secrets and rumors dance in the shadows… Eurochannel premieres Rumors.

In the sun-kissed landscapes of a tranquil village in the South of France, where vineyards stretch to meet the azure sky, a sinister tale unfolds. Rumors, the latest cinematic masterpiece, plunges audiences into the depths of mystery and suspicion, weaving an intricate web that leaves no room for certainty.

At the heart of the narrative is Estelle Lécuyer, a seemingly ordinary physical education teacher with a past shrouded in enigma. As the whispers of a "special relationship" with her students echo through the cobblestone streets, the quaint village becomes a hotbed of intrigue and gossip.

The plot thickens when Angélique, one of Estelle's students, mysteriously disappears. Is it a coincidence, or does Estelle hold the key to a dark secret? Two years prior, another student vanished without a trace, casting a haunting shadow over Estelle's past. The small town becomes a cauldron of suspicion, with the villagers turning against the once-beloved teacher.

The catalyst for this dramatic turn of events is a single photograph, captured on a cellphone, depicting Estelle guiding Angélique in a performance-enhancing posture. Yet, in this age of instant judgment and viral gossip, the innocent gesture morphs into a scandalous affair, propelling Estelle into the epicenter of a media storm.

As Estelle grapples with the accusations and the disappearance of her students, the plot unfolds with the precision of a suspenseful thriller. The screenplay artfully dances between the past and present, revealing layers of complexity in Estelle's character. Is she a victim of malicious rumors, or does her past hold the key to the missing pieces of the puzzle?

The film expertly navigates the treacherous waters of small-town dynamics, where whispers become roars and alliances shift like sand. The cinematography captures the beauty of the French countryside juxtaposed against the ugliness of human suspicion, creating a visual feast that mirrors the emotional rollercoaster the characters endure.

Amid rumors of an inappropriate relationship, a teacher in a small town becomes the prime suspect when a teenage girl mysteriously vanishes.

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