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Sascha Alexander Geršak: A Versatile German Actor


Sascha Alexander Geršak: A Versatile German Actor

The star of Eurochannel’s Witchcraft, Sascha Alexander Geršak is a German film and television actor known for his intense and physically demanding performances. Born in 1975 in Balingen, Germany, Geršak discovered his passion for acting in his youth. He trained at the prestigious European Film Actor School in Zurich from 2000-2003 before embarking on a successful career in theater and eventually film and TV.

Geršak first made a name for himself on the stages of Zurich, appearing in acclaimed productions like Harold Pinter’s “The Dwarfs” (2003) and the title role in “Howie the Rookie” (2004). He continued working in experimental and avant-garde theater throughout the 2000s, receiving recognition like the Best Actor award at the 2008 Fajr International Theater Festival.

His breakout film role came in 2011 when he was cast as the lead in “5 Years of Life,” a drama based on the real-life ordeal of German-Turkish citizen Murat Kurnaz in Guantanamo Bay prison. Geršak lost 20kg for the intense role, which required depicting the mental and physical struggles of prolonged detention and torture. The visceral performance earned him a German Film Critics Award in 2013 and a nomination for Best Actor at the German Film Awards in 2014.

That same year, Geršak delivered another riveting performance as the abusive patriarch in Katrin Gebbe’s film “Tore Tanzt” (2013). His chilling and committed performances in both films demonstrated his willingness to fully immerse himself in complex characters.

Since then, Geršak has become an in-demand character actor on German television. He played pivotal roles in acclaimed shows like the crime series “Tatort” and high-profile TV films like “Gladbeck” (2018). He won Best Actor at the 2021 German Television Awards for his work in “The Dead of Marnow” and “Police Call 110: The Convicted Man," once again recognized for his ability to tap into dark psychology.

Now entering his late 40s, Geršak continues to push himself with physically and emotionally grueling roles in his quest for dramatic authenticity. His risk-taking has cemented his reputation in Germany as much more than just a famous face, but rather as a serious dramatic artist dedicated to his craft. With three children and a home base in Berlin, Geršak’s career shows no signs of slowing down.

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