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The Clinic - Konstantinos Fragkoulis - Greece



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A Conversation with Konstantinos Fragkoulis on His Psychological Thriller The Clinic

Top 5 Mind-bending Psychological Thrillers to Watch

The Clinic (In a Fishbowl, 2023)

Director: Konstantinos Fragkoulis
Cast: Maria Damasioti, Giorgos Kafetzopoulos, Korina Gougouli
Genre: Horror
Length: 74’


Amnesia, drugs, and madness intertwine, leading us on a tumultuous journey through the fractured mind of one woman, where reality is a kaleidoscope of shattered memories and haunting visions. Eurochannel premieres The Clinic.

The story follows Fotini Asteriou, a young woman who awakens with amnesia after a devastating car accident. Transported to a remote mansion on the Greek island of Samos, Fotini's journey to recover her memories takes a sinister turn as she becomes ensnared in a web of deception and manipulation.

At the heart of Fotini's struggle is Christos, the enigmatic caretaker hired by her brother Kostas to aid in her recovery. However, it soon becomes apparent that Christos' intentions are far from benevolent as he subjects Fotini to a series of mind games and psychological torment.

As Fotini begins piecing together fragmented memories and hunting for clues, the line between nightmare and reality blurs. She encounters mysterious figures like Maro, who hints at being dead yet appears very much alive. Christos' claims that guests have arrived for Fotini's birthday party take a sinister turn as she finds herself surrounded by vacant-eyed strangers in a grotesque parody of a celebration.

The insidious influence of Christos and his mysterious "cocktail" of drugs raises the dread-inducing possibility that Fotini has become trapped in an intricate web of deception and control. Her flashes of lucidity and attempts to escape are matched by escalating mind games and psychological torment.

Stunning cinematography and masterful direction ratchet up the tension as the disturbing portrait of mental disintegration unfolds. The island's barren landscapes become haunting backdrops for Fotini's increasingly desperate struggle to break free and reclaim her identity. Fragkoulis' non-linear narrative keeps the viewer continually off-kilter, mirroring our protagonist's shattered psyche.

Part psychological horror, part surreal fantasy, The Clinic is a chilling descent into madness buoyed by an undercurrent of poignant tragedy. As the film barrels towards its shocking climax, you'll find yourself left to ponder that most unsettling of questions - can we ever really trust our own minds? Disturbing, hypnotic and utterly unforgettable, this Greek psychological thriller carves its own unique path through the darkest labyrinths of the human psyche.

After an accident, a woman suffering from amnesia finds herself in a mysterious clinic on a remote island. She quickly starts to unravel its horrifying nature.

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