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The Courtship - Krisztina Goda - Hungary

The Courtship (Hungary, 2022) by Eurochannel



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The Courtship (Ida regénye, 2022)

Director: Krisztina Goda
Cast: Júlia Mentes, Barnabás Rohonyi, Gábor Hevér
Genre: Romance
Length: 88’


Love and destiny intertwine as a young woman's father orchestrates a marriage for her in a bygone era. Eurochannel premieres The Courtship.

Derived from the beloved novel "Ida regénye" by Géza Gárdonyi, this cinematic masterpiece brings to life a captivating story, where the intricacies of love and the twists of fate intertwine. Set in the captivating backdrop of the 1920s, this cinematic gem tells a tale of love, destiny, and the transformative power of unexpected connections. With remarkable performances by Júlia Mentes and Barnabás Rohonyi, this film is a delightful treat for lovers of romance and fans of Gárdonyi's literary works.

The story revolves around Ida, a young woman who, after being raised by nuns, is reluctantly forced to return to her father's home. However, her father, Péter Ó, is less than thrilled about her arrival. Eager to see his daughter married off quickly, he takes matters into his own hands by placing a classified ad that promises a handsome dowry. It is through this ad that Ida's path crosses with Csaba Balogh, a talented and ambitious young painter.

Ida and Csaba's initial encounters are far from pleasant, as their mutual dislike for each other is palpable. Ida resents Csaba for marrying for financial gain, while Csaba believes Ida cannot be a decent woman if she had to be married through an advertisement. Yet, as circumstances force them into a forced cohabitation, they begin to discover unexpected qualities in each other. As Ida and Csaba navigate the complexities of their forced marriage, their initial disdain for one another gradually gives way to an understanding and affection that transcends their predetermined roles. Slowly but surely, their animosity transforms into acceptance, respect, and eventually, love.

The Courtship is the third adaptation of Géza Gárdonyi's renowned novel. The first adaptation, directed by István Székely in 1934, introduced audiences to the captivating story, while a second adaptation in 1974, as a TV movie, showcased the talents of Vera Venczel as Ida. Now, in this latest rendition, Goda's vision brings a fresh perspective and contemporary flair to the timeless tale. The film's nomination for the Best Film award at the Monte Carlo Film Festival speaks to its excellence and artistic merit.

What truly sets this movie apart is the outstanding performances by Júlia Mentes and Barnabás Rohonyi in the lead roles. Mentes captures Ida's character with a delicate charm, exuding the naivety and purity of the era. Rohonyi, on the other hand, infuses Csaba with a captivating blend of passion and vulnerability, creating a dynamic on-screen chemistry that is both tender and exhilarating. Together, they breathe life into the characters, painting a vivid portrait of love's transformative power. It is a celebration of love's ability to transcend circumstances, reminding us that true happiness often lies in the unlikeliest of places.

1920's. Promising a generous dowry, a father finds a husband for his daughter through a want ad. Can the arranged marriage turn into true love?

Awards and festivals:
• Monte-Carlo TV Festival 2022 - Nominee - Golden Nymph
• Hungarian Motion Picture Awards 2022 - Winner - Hungarian Motion Picture Award - Best TV Film

Airing times

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