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The Curse (Austria, 2022) by Eurochannel

The Curse

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The Curse (Vier, 2022)

Director: Marie Kreutzer
Cast: Regina Fritsch, Julia Franz Richter, Oliver Rosskopf
Genre: Crime
Length: 88’


In a spine-chilling turn of events, two daring policewomen stumble upon a gruesome family tragedy when they uncover the remains of three deceased infants in an abandoned house. Eurochannel premieres The Curse.

The Curse is a spine-tingling thriller that follows the dark history of the Trummler family. The movie kicks off with the discovery of three dead infants buried in the Trummler family's old, abandoned house. This unsettling revelation stirs up old rumors of a family curse, including the disappearance of the Trummler's daughter, Claudia, twenty years ago, which led to the father's suicide and the mother's disappearance.

Enter Marion Reiter, a detective from the St. Pölten homicide squad, and the inexperienced local police officer, Ulli, as they delve into the family's secrets. Meanwhile, the new owner of the Trummler farm, Benjamin Ludwig, and his partner, Matthias, move in, unaware of the dark history of the house. At first, they seem unbothered by the macabre history of the house, but the shadows of the past soon catch up with them too.

The investigations reveal that the three infant deaths occurred ten to fifteen years ago. They were born about a year apart, had the same mother but not the same father, and were smothered and buried on the spot immediately after birth. A family tragedy had happened at the Trummlers' farm years earlier, as Claudia disappeared without a trace in 1999 at the age of ten, and her father hanged himself. The mother moved away later, and the debts were covered by selling the house, and more dark secrets come to light as the movie progresses.

The Curse is not just a mystery thriller but also deals with several social issues such as the attitude of the local residents towards homosexuality, as Benjamin and Matthias are a gay couple, and the traditional gender roles in relationships. Ulli herself is pregnant for the third time, and while she fears a third miscarriage, her husband expects her to stay home after the birth and take care of the child exclusively.

When its new owners move in, the haunted past of a cursed home resurfaces and dark secrets come to light.

Airing times

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