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The Mystery of Room 327 - Benoît d'Aubert - France

The Mystery of Room 327 (France, 2012) by Eurochannel



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The Mystery of Room 327 (Chambre 327, 2012)

Director: Benoît d'Aubert
Cast: Isabel Otero, Pierre Cassignard, Lannick Gautry
Genre: Thriller
Length: 88’+87’


In the heart of the illustrious Westminster Palace, where shadows dance with secrets and whispers echo through the corridors, lies a mystery waiting to be unraveled… Eurochannel premieres The Mystery of Room 327.

At the heart of this two-part miniseries lies the illustrious Marsac family, guardians of the opulent Westminster Palace for generations. Led by the indomitable Jade Marsac, the family's legacy is threatened by a sinister force lurking within the confines of their ancestral abode.

The prestigious Westminster Hotel is a jewel in the heart of the city, attracting elite guests with its opulent rooms and impeccable service. But behind its grandiose facade lies a dark web of secrets, lies, and cold-blooded murder. This explosive new French miniseries rips the mask off the hotel's esteemed reputation, exposing the depths of greed, betrayal and depravity within its hallowed walls.

The mystery begins when Fabien Keller, a fearless investigative journalist, is found brutally murdered in Room 327, lying next to the body of a high-class prostitute. His fiancée, Lisa Marsac, the daughter of the hotel's powerful manager Jade, immediately becomes the prime suspect. But as the tenacious Captain Dechassey leads the investigation, it soon becomes clear that this case is merely the tip of a sinister iceberg.

At the center of the storm is a vicious battle for control of the Westminster itself. The Marsac family's iron grip on the hotel is challenged by ruthless business tycoons engaged in a bitter bidding war. Seduced by promises of wealth and status, different factions of the Marsac clan begin to turn on each other with shocking consequences.

Jade Marsac herself is no stranger to tragedy and darkness. Revealed in a series of jaw-dropping twists, her own traumatic past, including a homicidal mother, may hold the keys to unraveling the present-day mysteries. As skeletons come spilling out of closets, no one is above suspicion.

With astonishing cinematography and brilliant performances, this miniseries is a deliciously salacious thrill ride into the sordid underbelly of privilege and power. Peeling away every layer of civility, it lays bare the ugly truth that at the heart of high society lies a nucleus of greed, violence and depravity. Brace yourself for The Mystery of Room 327 - it will change how you look at hotels forever.

Part 1:
At a beachfront hotel, the daughter's engagement takes a dark turn when her fiancé is found dead in Room 327. Secrets unravel as she becomes the prime suspect.

Part 2:
As suspicions rise, the mother fights to save her family, navigating betrayal and hidden secrets that threaten to shatter everything.

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