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The Naples Heist - Guido Lombardi - Italy

The Naples Heist (Italy, 2013) by Eurochannel

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The Naples Heist (Take Five, 2013)

Director: Guido Lombardi
Cast: Peppe Lanzetta, Salvatore Ruocco, Salvatore Striano
Genre: Crime
Length: 93’


Five oddballs engineer a bank robbery, but when the plan goes wrong, a ferocious war ensues, leaving everyone fighting for their lives in its trails. Eurochannel premiers The Naples Heist.

A legendary and depressed gangster, a boxer banned for life, a wedding photographer; former robber; recovering from a heart attack, and a gambling addict plumber... Five oddballs get together to carry out the biggest heist of their life. Wary, supportive, and finally overwhelmed by a mutual game of massacre where only money and the struggle for survival count.

Carmine is a sewer worker from the municipality of Naples who, in an attempt to repair a pipe, one day finds himself in a bank vault. Prey to a sudden inspiration, he decides to organize the robbery of the century and hires worthy accomplices. A team is formed around him, made up of a depressed gangster Gaetano, the legendary robber Peppe, the disgraced boxer Ruocco, and Sasa: a photographer also in ill repute. But nothing is meant to work as it should, and the five fail to harmonize as a band.

The daring robbery is carried out by these five men who have little or nothing in common. The fragile alliance unites them until the moment the robbery goes into crisis when Gaetano, the one who united the gang, disappears along with the loot. In the uncertainty of what really happened, and in the hope that Gaetano will reappear, the four remaining bandits wait in their lair. Time passes, putting a strain on their nerves. There are misunderstandings, alliances are born and broken. There is also a threat that they had not foreseen: the boss wants his share of a loot that they do not yet have in their hands.

The plot soon takes a twist when everyone suspects each other and a bloody massacre ensues. In this slow game of slaughter, everyone discovers, little by little, the secrets of the other.

Each a master in his trait, five men attempt to carry out the biggest heist of their lives: the Bank of Naples.

Awards and festivals:
• David di Donatello Awards 2015- Nominee - Best Song
• Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2015 - Nominee - Best Original Story
• Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2015 - Nominee - Best Song
• Rome Film Fest 2013 - Nominee - Golden Marc'Aurelio Award

Airing times

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