The Secret of the Bear - Marco Segato - Italy

The Secret of the Bear (Italy, 2016) by Eurochannel

The Secret of The bear

The Secret of The bear

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The Secret of the Bear (La pelle dell'orso, 2016)

Director: Marco Segato
Cast: Mirko Artuso, Sergio Bonometti, Silvio Comis
Genre: Adventure, drama
Length: 95’


A town is threatened by a wild bear and only a man can save them. As he ventures into the mountains, he realizes this will be a life-changing adventure, not only for him but also for his entire family. Eurochannel premieres The Secret of the Bear, a riveting adventure movie full of excitement, emotions, and joy!

The Secret of the Bear follows a down-and-out dad and his introverted son as they live together in a small Italian village. Their relationship seems to be at a crossroads and they become increasingly estranged. One fateful day, when Domenico, the father, goes out to hunt a bear, his son Pietro follows, and they begin the journey of a profound experience.

Based on the novel of the same name by Matteo Righetto, this poignant film reflects on the relationships between parents and children. As Domenico feels that his connection with Pietro is stranded, the son does not feel any kind of bond with his father. When the breach is so big, sometimes difficulties become a perfect opportunity for a new start.

In this adventure in the mountains, fear, hunger, and anguish take turns in the souls of Domenico and Pietro. The wild beast they are hunting seems more elusive than they thought and the safety of their village it is up to them. They will not only find a solution for their community but also for their dying relationship.

Eurochannel welcomes you to a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the mountains to hunt for a wild bear alongside a father and a son trying to rebuild their relationship. There will be only room for success or death!

When a wild bear threatens their community, a man and his son venture into the mountains to hunt him down.

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