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The Tailor's Wife - Massimo Scaglione - Italy

The Tailor's Wife (Italy, 2014) by Eurochannel

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The Tailor's Wife (La moglie del sarto, 2014)

Director: Massimo Scaglione
Cast: Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Marta Gastini, Alessio Vassallo
Genre: Drama
Length: 91’


After the sudden death of her husband, the beautiful wife of a tailor and his daughter find themselves fighting against the prejudices in 1960 Italy. Eurochannel premiers The Tailor’s Wife.

Italy 1960, this is the story of Rosetta, a beautiful Sicilian, the bewitching flower of a small town in Calabria, who proudly advances in life alongside her husband Edmondo, the best tailor for men in the town and its surroundings. Both are proud of their tailoring and of their beautiful and passionate twenty-year-old daughter, Sofia.

After the sudden death of her husband, Rosetta is abandoned by everyone and has to fight, next to her daughter Sofia, to defend her dignity and the tailoring business, which circumstances require to close. Their beauty, their autonomy of work and precisely the attendance of men in the tailor's shop only attract an uncontrolled whirlwind of rumors and gossip that the shop is a cover for other activities.

Councilor Cordaro, a powerful man, with the complicity of the villagers, wants to take possession of all the buildings of the medieval village and transform them into hotels for stormy tourists. The building of the widow, with its sea view, is at the center of the sinister project. Rosetta reacts to the constant harassment by challenging them and throwing herself headlong into the one and absolute resource that life offers them – the reopening of the shop.

Meanwhile, Salvatore, a young traveling artist with a gypsy charm, has Sofia falling for him. With the approval of Rosetta and the amazement of the villagers, the two get married. But Sofia is unable to have children, and the villagers begin to cast suspicions about the authenticity of the marriage. The male attendance of the tailor's shop rekindles the slander. When everything is about to fall apart, Rosetta discovers she is pregnant, but who is the father?

1960's, an Italian seaside village. Cast out after the death of her husband, the wife of a tailor battles to keep the local business afloat.

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