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The Valley of Love - Jesús del Cerro - Spain

The Valley of Love (Spain, 2022) by Eurochannel



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The Valley of Love (En otro lugar, 2022)

Director: Jesús del Cerro
Cast: Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Esmeralda Pimentel, Pablo Puyol
Genre: Romance
Length: 90’


In the enchanting landscapes of Cantabria, where valleys cradle secrets and mountains whisper tales of the heart, a captivating romance unfolds that transcends generations and borders… Eurochannel premieres The Valley of Love.

At the heart of the narrative is Pedro, a young architect grappling with the uncertainties of life in Madrid. Little did he know that his world was about to be shaken by a mysterious legacy left by a grandfather he never had the chance to meet. As the news of his grandfather Paco's passing reaches him, Pedro discovers an unexpected inheritance – two cows and a donkey in a picturesque town nestled between valleys and mountains in Cantabria.

What starts as a journey to sell these unusual bequests turns into a soul-stirring adventure that transforms Pedro's outlook on life. Accompanied by his quirky and endearing uncle, Luis, a fellow soul navigating the uncertainties of unemployment, Pedro sets out on a quest that will redefine his understanding of family, love, and self-discovery.

As the plot thickens, a romantic subplot unfolds, adding a layer of passion to the narrative. Pedro's encounter with Paula, a young Mexican student and granddaughter of his grandfather's best friend, sparks a flame that resonates with the warmth of the Cantabrian sun. The chemistry between Pedro and Paula becomes the beating heart of the film, portraying a love that defies distance, cultural differences, and even the passage of time.

The film beautifully captures the essence of the Spanish countryside, painting a vivid picture of rolling meadows, charming villages, and a rustic cabin that becomes a symbol of newfound connections. Pedro and Paula find themselves enraptured by the stunning landscapes, leading to a profound appreciation for the natural beauty that surrounds them.

At its core, The Valley of Love is a celebration of love in all its forms – the love for family, the love for a partner, and the love for the land that shapes our identity. With a perfect blend of romance, comedy, and the scenic beauty of Cantabria, this film promises to be a heartwarming experience that resonates with audiences, leaving them with a renewed appreciation for the unexpected twists that life and love often bring.

A young man has to travel to a remote valley to retrieve an unexpected inheritance from his late grandfather - two cows and one donkey. This trip will turn into a life-changing journey.

Awards and festivals:
• Alicante Film Festival 2022 - Nominee - Golden Tesela - Best Film

Airing times

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