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Tightrope - Mirjam Unger - Austria

Tightrope (Austria, 2020) by Eurochannel

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Tightrope (Das Mädchen aus dem Bergsee, 2020)

Director: Mirjam Unger
Cast: Patricia Aulitzky, Dominik Raneburger, Maresi Riegner
Genre: Crime
Length: 90’


A dreamlike mountain lake in Tyrol has a corpse ready at the bottom. Inspector Lisa Kuen cancels her vacation and takes over the case. Eurochannel premiers Tightrope.

The body of a prostitute is found in a picturesque mountain lake. It wasn't suicide, despite the rock-laden backpack she was carrying. Someone wanted to make it look like this. Lisa Kuen, even though she is officially on a vacation, takes over the investigation. She's determined to solve the case herself, even if her colleagues aren't exactly happy about her sudden return. What initially seems like a pretty straightforward case takes an unexpected turn and points to a dark secret in Lisa's own family.

At first, it is assumed that the deceased committed suicide, but when detective Lisa Kuen investigates, it turns out that things could be more complicated. Kuen knows the area very well, having grown up here and being very familiar with the country and the people. That's why this case is also an affair of the heart for her. It turns out that the dead woman worked in a brothel. Suspicion immediately falls on the partner of the deceased, but Lisa's father is also under suspicion. Since her sister killed herself at a young age, she has had no contact with him.

Lisa Kuen is stubborn, intuitive, and fearless. She runs up mountains, drinks beer out of cans, doesn't cooperate much, and certainly doesn't miss a single murder - booked holiday or not. The investigation into a dead sex worker prompts her to reflect on her own unfortunate life.

This movie is a dark family drama: The abysses in the families are deeper than the lakes, the traumata are more rigid than any cliff, and the pull is more sweeping than rivers.

After the body of an escort girl is found in a mountain lake, the case quickly turns personal for the lead investigator.

Awards and festivals:
• Romy Gala, Austria 2021 - Nominee - Romy - Best TV Movie
• Romy Gala, Austria 2021 - Nominee - Romy - Best TV Cinematography
• Romy Gala, Austria 2021 - Nominee - Romy - Best Score

Airing times

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