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To Die For (Die Frau hinter der Wand, 2013)

Director: Grzegorz Muskala
Cast: Vincent Redetzki, Katharina Heyer, Florian Panzner
Genre: Thriller, drama


The life of a European student is not easy, especially when it comes to looking for a new flat in a new city. Eurochannel welcomes you meet a young German law student and move in with him into his new, chilling apartment … are you ready to experience the horrors that await? These are To Die For.

To Die For is the debut film of Polish-born German filmmaker Grzegorz Muskala. In this psychological drama, a student travels to Berlin to study law, only to find he’s much more drawn to other quests that prove to be life-threatening. When Martin finds a small and deteriorated apartment, he decides to take no notice of the previous tenant’s inexplicable disappearance, while simultaneously falling for his femme fatale of a landlady.

This award-winning production (Best Original Score at Lünen 2013 and Best Director at Tamilnadu 2015), conceived as the director’s graduation project, is a frightening, color-drenched, and often blackly funny take on the horrors of first love, and the worst fears of parents about what their children might be involved in after leaving home.

Through an oppressive and claustrophobic tone, To Die For evokes the best of Polanski’s films combined with the distinctive style of Lynch. The dark cinematography, the driving performance of the protagonists, and the thrilling plot immerse viewers into a dark world of sexual decadence, mystery and fear, with no escape until the film’s end.  

Lust, desire, obscure intentions and fear will drag you into a thrilling world that no viewer should miss, from one of the most promising directors of the German scene!


Shy law student Martin (Vincent Redetzki) falls for his mysterious landlady, Simone (Katharina Heyer), who lives next door behind a thin wall. While trying to find out if she is responsible for the disappearance of the previous tenant, Martin experiences the horror of his first love.

Awards and Festivals:

Best Original Score - Kinofest Lünen 2013
Winner -  Oldenburg Film Festival 2013 (Competition)
• Fantastic Fest 2014 (in competition)
• German Films Festival 2014
• German Film Festival New Zealand 2014
• Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival 2014
• East End Film Festival2014
• KINO! Festival of German Films 2014 (in competition)
• Shanghai Int. Film Festival 2014
• Festival of German Films Barcelona 2014
• Festival of German Films Madrid 2014
• International Film Festival Rotterdam 2014

Airing times

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