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Top 5 French Movies of the Last Decade



Top 5 French Movies of the Last Decade

Over the past decade, French cinema has proven its enduring appeal, captivating audiences with a unique blend of artistry and storytelling. In this article, we'll delve into the top five French movies that have left an indelible mark on critics and viewers alike. These films showcase the depth and diversity of contemporary French storytelling, offering a cinematic journey through the last ten years of creative brilliance and cultural richness.

Petite Maman (2019)
Nelly, amidst the bittersweet echoes of her grandmother's memory, dives headfirst into a thrilling adventure! As she bravely sifts through the treasures of her mother's childhood home, a mysterious world unfolds. In the enchanting embrace of the surrounding woods, Nelly stumbles upon an unexpected companion – a spirited girl her age, feverishly crafting a secret tree-house! Get ready for a tale that weaves grief, discovery, and the magic of unexpected friendships!

Being 17 (Quand on a 17 ans) (2016)
Damien resides with his mother, Marianne, who works as a doctor, while his father is away on a tour of duty overseas. Facing bullying from Thomas, whose mother is unwell, the situation takes a turn when Marianne extends an invitation to Thomas to stay with them, bringing the boys under the same roof.

Stranger by the Lake (L'inconnu du lac) (2013)
In the midst of summertime, there's a secluded lakeside spot known for attracting men. Franck finds himself captivated by Michel, an alluring and dangerously powerful individual. Despite being aware of Michel's lethal nature, Franck chooses to pursue his passion, navigating the complexities of love and desire.

Faces Places (Visages villages) (2017)
Agnes Varda, a prominent figure in France's esteemed French New Wave cinema era, joins forces with professional photographer and muralist J.R. for a unique art project. Together, they embark on a journey across France in a specially designed box truck that serves as a portable photo booth and traveling printing facility. Their mission involves capturing photographs of people throughout the country and, drawing inspiration from these encounters, creating colossal mural pictures to honor and celebrate individuals, communities, and places.

House of Tolerance (Souvenirs de la maison close) (2011)
In the early 20th century, within an upscale Parisian bordello, a concealed realm unfolds - a world of pleasure, pain, aspirations, rivalries, and, above all, the stark reality of slavery.

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