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Troubled Waters - Catalina Molina - Austria

Troubled Waters (Áustria, 2019) by Eurochannel

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Zell am See – A Beauty Unmatched

Queer Identify in Austria – Then And Now

Troubled Waters (Das dunkle Paradies, 2019)

Director: Catalina Molina
Cast: Stefanie Reinsperger, Manuel Rubey, Andrea Wenzl
Genre: Crime
Length: 98’


A murder in a posh hotel in Zell am See, takes Franziska Heilmayr on a path to discovery that leads to the highest echelons of politics. Eurochannel premiers Troubled Waters.

The snow-covered mountains of Salzburg, Austria, a luxurious grand hotel by the lake, the fresh breath of the Alps: For many tourists, this is the epitome of paradise. Tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world flock to the beautiful Zell am See every year. However, elite visitors from business and politics also take advantage of Salzburg's proximity to the Austrian-German border, and enjoy staying at the Grand Hotel for one or more pleasures.

But the picture-perfect Alpine idyll of Zell am See becomes the scene of a brutal murder. The body of a noble call girl is found on the shore of the lake. This affects Franziska Heilmayr particularly deeply. The main suspect is an acquaintance, an ex-junkie with no alibi. When he surprisingly makes a confession, Franziska does not believe him, and begins to investigate on her own.

She soon sets her sights on a possible suspect, but he has influential friends. It's anything but easy to get a hold of the man, but Franziska won't give up. She still has no idea that she’s on the trail of a conspiracy that reaches as far as government circles.

In this crime thriller, criminal activities related to the tourism industry are uncovered, which mean both a curse and a blessing for the region. Additionally, Franziska wrestles with her own sexual identity. Caught between the arch-conservative ideas of her parents, who want nothing more for their daughter than a husband and children, and the love of her Annie, who is hoping for her to come out and commit, Franziska tries to please everyone.

The investigation of an escort girl found dead in a luxury hotel leads the detectives on a dangerous trail, flustering the local authorities of the wealthy town.

Awards and festivals:
• Romy Gala, Austria 2020 - Winner Romy - Best TV Direction

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