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Tuscan Wedding - Johan Nijenhuis - Netherlands

Tuscan Wedding (Netherlands, 2014) by Eurochannel

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Tuscan Wedding (Toscaanse bruiloft, 2014)

Director: Johan Nijenhuis
Cast: Sophie van Oers, Simone Kleinsma, Ernst Daniël Smid
Genre: Comedy
Length: 105’


A luxurious, detached country house in sun-drenched Italy, hosts your dream wedding. The guests gather here to celebrate life and love. Eurochannel premiers Tuscan Wedding.

Together with her father and stepmother, Sanne runs the wedding venue Casa Matrimonio, a luxurious detached country house in sun-drenched Italy. The estate is located in Tuscany. Between the woods and the fragrant lavender fields, the beautiful guests, the delicious Italian food, the wine, and the delightful music, Casa Matrimonio and its picturesque surroundings make it a very desirable location to celebrate your dream wedding.

Sanne's first marriage failed, and since then she has focused entirely on her work. For the next wedding, an envoy from the wedding party comes to Tuscany earlier to help organize the wedding. This envoy also includes Jeroen, a divorce lawyer who does not believe in love and marriage. Sanne finds him attractive and finds out that behind this stiff facade is a completely different man and begins to fall for him.

It starts right away when Jeroen, the cynical divorce lawyer, drives the graceful wedding planner Sanne off her feet with his bright red car. She begins to fall for his charm, while being aware of his “I don't believe in marriage” attitude. He maintains this cynical attitude for almost the entire film, but Sanne can’t help but fall for him. Is this Jeroen really the man of her dreams? And is marriage really so blissful?

In sun-drenched Tuscany, a luxurious villa hosts VIP guests for their fantasy weddings.

Awards and festivals:
• Golden and Platin Film, Netherlands 2014 - Winner - Golden Film
• Golden and Platin Film, Netherlands 2014 - Winner - Platin Film
• Nederlands Film Festival 2014 - Nominee - Audience Award - Best Film
• Rembrandt Awards 2015 - Nominee - Rembrandt Award - Best Film

Airing times

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