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Under Suspicion - Nikolaus Leytner - Austria

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An Interview With Josef Hader

Maria Hofstätter

Under Suspicion (Landkrimi: Der Tote im See, 2018)

Director: Nikolaus Leytner
Cast:Josef Hader, Miriam Fussenegger, Maria Hofstätter
Genre: Crime
Length: 90’


A body is found in a reservoir. After investigation, the whole thing turns personal for the lead investigator, Grete. Eurochannel premiers Under Suspicion.

When Grete Öller, detective at the State Criminal Police Office in Linz, and her young colleague Lisa Nemeth are called to a corpse with a gunshot wound found in the reservoir, everything quickly seems clear: Dirnbacher, the dead man, died after his wife and children left him. He not only suffered from depression, but also from cancer at a very advanced stage. Unable to cope with the psychological pressure and the prospect of an agonizing death, he apparently committed suicide.

Grete and Lisa look for further clues for their theory and make a discovery that catches Grete completely by surprise and throws her life into turmoil. In Dirnbacher's house, they find that he was the driver who killed Sepp Ahorner's family in a hit-and-run car accident years ago. The culprit in the death of his wife and daughter was never found and drove Sepp into depression and he had been looking for him for a very, very long time.

Grete needs a moment to digest this news. Even more serious is the fact that Sepp has unexpectedly reappeared in her life. Just now when she thought she had finally come to terms with the failure of her relationship, Grete has to deliver the news to Sepp personally.

Together with Lisa, she makes her way to his home, but Sepp has disappeared and no one knows where. Neither does his mother, Maria, who isn’t happy about Grete's appearance. Grete's amazement at Sepp's disappearance and Maria's dismissive behavior quickly gives way to concern for Sepp. Why did he go into hiding? And why did he take his father's old hunting rifle with him?

A man who was involved years ago in a hit-and-run is found dead. The detectives quickly connect both cases but the prime suspect is nowhere to be found.

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