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Unseen - Emidio Greco - Italy

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3 Iconic Movies about Charming Professors

3 Movies by Emidio Greco

Unseen (L'uomo privato, 2007)

Director: Emidio Greco
Cast: Tommaso Ragno, Myriam Catania, Giulio Pampiglione
Genre: Drama
Length: 100’


A charming forty-year-old university law professor, gifted with irony and intelligence, and the personality that charms women, finds his life turned upside down after a series of events. Eurochannel premiers Unseen.

A university law professor - charming, intelligent and ironic forty-year-old, socially and professionally successful, is courted by women towards whom he shows little to no emotion. However, he appears closed in his conditions of aristocratic privilege, and uses it as a screen placed between himself and reality. To preserve this heated individualism, he doesn't hesitate to repress his own feelings and sacrifice those of others.

He sits on the sofa in his pompous living room, sucking on a cigarette, almost hibernating in his own world. He has a very reserved and individualistic character, which he uses as a screen to protect his private life from external reality. Ready to sacrifice his own feelings and those of others - so that no one violates his defenses and enters his precious privacy - the professor allows himself a few nights in the beds of occasional lovers, breaking off the relationship as soon as more than a mere sexual interest is revealed.

For this reason, the man leaves the girl Silvia, who was hopelessly in love with him. Despite all this attention to preventing reality from entering his life, the destiny has a surprise in store for him: a friend of one of his young mistresses, Silvia, commits suicide and investigations reveal that the young man was following him, lurking around and filming him, spying on him.

He finds himself in front of his life, condensed on a CD, and he doesn't like what he sees at all, realizing for the first time of the stellar distance that separates him from the others. From that moment, nothing will be the same again, and the man sees his own existence invaded by everyone. Reality, kept at a distance, has infiltrated his private life.

The life of a discreet university professor is turned upside down when he is suspected of the murder of one of his students.

Awards and festivals:
• Premio Berenice 2008 - Winner - La Chioma di Berenice - Best Costumes in Film
• Rome Film Fest 2007 - Nominee - Golden Marc'Aurelio Award - Emidio Greco

Airing times

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