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Who are the main characters of The Informant?




Who are the main characters of The Informant?

Discover the lives and background of your favorite characters of this exciting series full of nail-biting moments!

Lanik Stanislav
Lanik is a talented and very ambitious young man who longs to be successful but hides a big secret. This could be a traumatizing handicap for someone, but it turns to be a surprising career path for him. The year is 1953. And Lanik becomes a man for dirty work in the secret service. He is convinced that this will ultimately bring him, his sister, and his grandmother liberation from the hardships of the regimen, which so far grips them so unbearably.

Anezca is Lanik’s sister. She, too, paid for her parents' unsatisfactory past, and she had no choice but to take a job at the residues management company. She lives with her brother and grandmother in an apartment from which the neighbor, "comrade" Štěpánským, wants to expel them. That's why she and her best friend come to the decision that they will try to cross the border to the west, where she wants to start a new and better life.

She is the grandmother of the Stanislav siblings, who are already adults and their different natures are becoming more and more apparent. Emilia realizes that she cannot replace a functional family with them. Only after the disappearance of her son-in-law and the death of her daughter did her best to keep the children home. But she is slowly running out of energy.

Col. Vladimir Kempny
Kempny is the Deputy Chief of the Main Political Administration, which is also responsible for the Vinohrady Theater of the Czechoslovak Army, the company Lanik joins as a member. He is to become a military attaché at the embassy in Zurich. However, the StB suspects that he wants to sell secret security information from the republic, and Lanik is commissioned to spy on him, completing the task perfectly. All that remains is to record Kempny’s confession so the colonel can be arrested and convicted.

Marta Svarcová

She is a young, charming ambitious actress from the Vinohrady ensemble of the Czechoslovak Army Theater. She likes Lanik very quickly and even wants to seduce him. Over time, however, it turns out that Marta has a relatively good overview of what is happening inside and outside the ensemble.

Eva Dolezalová
Eva is an aspiring amateur actress from an amateur theater ensemble led by her father. She loves Lanik and tries to let him know about her feelings. Their eventual relationship is in stark contrast to Lanik’s ambitions, which will eventually separate him from and from the ensemble.

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