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The Waterfall Murder - Catalina Molina - Austria

The Waterfall Murder (Austria, 2014) by Eurochannel


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The Waterfall Murder (Landkrimi: Drachenjungfrau, 2014)

Director: Catalina Molina
Cast: Manuel Rubey, Stefanie Reinsperger, Gerhard Greiner
Genre: Crime
Length: 90’


The phone rings in the middle of the night, the certainty is that something is amiss. Eurochannel presents The Waterfall Murder, a crime thriller that plunges you into the investigation of a puzzling case when a body appears by a waterfall.

The Waterfall Murder takes you to the depths of the Austrian countryside where very few venture to and there’s still much to learn about. There, a young girl is found dead by the Krimml Waterfalls with a heart-shaped stone in her hands. To solve the case, a Salzburg detective arrives to investigate the puzzling demise.

Adapted from a famous Austrian novel, The Waterfall Murder is the perfect movie for crime investigation movies. As clues and traces surface, it is clear that the case is not as simple as the investigators thought. Only by investigating the girl’s past and her family, they will find the shocking truth behind the crime.
Eurochannel invites you to embark on one of the most exciting investigations ever created in Austrian cinema. Come discover why sometimes the motives of a murder case root deep down in the core of families and their strange beliefs.

A young girl is found dead in a waterfall with a heart-shaped stone in her hand. The investigation leads to an esoteric cult: The Dragon Maiden.

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