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Against their will - Denis Malleval - Belgium

Against their will (Belgium, 2012) by Eurochannel



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Against their will (Malgré Elles, 2012)

Director: Denis Malleval
Cast: Flore Bonaventura, Louise Herrero, Macha Méril, Pierre Kiwit


When World War II started, many innocent lives were taken across Europe, first in Poland and then in France during the Nazi occupation. Although not all the prisoners were sent to concentration camps, almost all served the purposes of the Third Reich against their will. Eurochannel invites you to relive one of the most terrifying moments in history with a story based on real events: Against their will.

Based on Nina Barbier's book Les Malgré-elles, which recounts the story of her mother, Against their will is a tale of the tragedy of many French girls under the Nazi occupation. The movie recounts a historical episode through friendship and the tragic fate of two young Alsatian girls who were sent in from 1942 to 1945, to replace men in factories.

With fictional licenses to make the film a more poignant story, director Denis Malleval delivers an outstanding piece of history about some events not often known by the general public. Also enriching the movie, the dazzling performances by Flora Buanaventura, Louise Herrero give a unique perspective to the lives of "Les Malgré-elles," -- the name of those women sent and forced to replace men -- which for decades lived in oblivion.

Eurochannel welcomes you to relive some of the darkest days of Europe under the encouraging life and vibes of two women who overcame the toughest stage of their lives.


France 1943. Two pretty and different girls, Alice (Flore Bonaventura) and Lisette (Louise Herrero), 17, are torn from their families by the Nazis and, along with many other Alsacians, sent to labor camp in Germany designed to break their spirits.

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Against their will


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