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Manon Lescaut (Manon Lescaut, 2013)

Director: Gabriel Aghion
Cast: Céline Perreau, Samuel Theis, Xavier Gallais


There is nothing we can do against the call of love. Even when a professional future might look brighter than the sun, sometimes the heart beats drive one to the opposite direction just for the sake of the perfect relationship. Eurochannel invites you to eighteenth-century France to discover the story of Manon Lescaut!

Directed by Gabriel Aghion, Manon Lescaut is an independent French époque film based on the literary work L'Histoire du chevalier des Grieux et de Manon Lescaut by Frennch author Antoine François Prévost. In the film, viewers will follow a young man with a fine future as a teacher of rhetoric ahead of him who falls in love for a commoner woman and together will endure a series of obstacles to be able to be together.

This is a story of true love without judging, in which the lovers will have to learn to cheat, steal and even kill when necessary, as the protagonists are forced to go on the run. Will their love triumph before the obstacles? Don’t miss this captivating époque movie with the finest of French acting.


Amiens, 1713. Des Grieux is a noble young student, wise for his years, who's preparing to become a knight of the Order of Malta. With a fine future as a teacher of rhetoric ahead of him, he meets a young commoner, Manon Lescaut, a candle maker’s daughter. It's love at first sight.

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