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Monicelli, Mario’s Version - Italy




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Monicelli, Mario’s Version (Monicelli, la versione di Mario, 2012)

Director: Wilma Labate, Felice Farina, Mario Canale, Annarosa Morri, Mario Gianni
Genre: Documentary


He is a legend of Italian cinema. His path to fame and success was paved with life lessons - some tough, others encouraging. Eurochannel invites you to meet and discover the life of the great, the one and only Mario Monicelli, in an in-depth and poetic documentary about his life: Monicelli, Mario’s Version.

Under the scope of five different directors, Monicelli, Mario’s Version is an original project of filming. As complex as the acclaimed Monicelli, this 80-minute documentary is divided in five parts, in which every director spends time with the legend of Italian cinema as he reveals his beginnings, challenges, glories, hopes and setbacks.

Differing from the typical interview documentary, Monicelli, Mario’s Version is more an open chat than a formal “question-answer” production. The film captures Monicelli’s outlook on life as well as on his films, which is a precious and rare point of reference. Additionally, it is enriched with a brief interview with his first daughter, who reveals previously unknown family secrets.

Step into a tribute to an icon that revolutionized Italian cinema with his projects and never lost sight of the political, social and ironic life that surrounded him and affected his society!


Five directors portray essential aspects of the long career of a great filmmaker, not always appreciated by critics, always loved by the public, rough with collaborators, and sometimes sour with his actors. Sometimes the deep humanity of Mario Monicelli emerges from overpowering images of his films, his statements, and his talent.

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