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Three French Famous Crime Fiction Writers

Simenon: Death of an Old Man (Simenon : la mort d'Auguste, 2015)

Director: Denis Malleval
Cast: Bernard Campan, Virginie Lemoine, Antoine Duléry, Joël Lefrançois
Genre: Drama


Eurochannel invites you to enjoy the best stories of the mastermind behind Inspector Jules Maigret. Through a collection of Georges Simenon’s greatest works, you’ll be transported to worlds of intrigues, romances, conspiracies and investigation set in France during the 1950s to the 1970s. This occasion, we present Simenon: Death of an Old Man.

Simenon: Death of an Old Man is a drama directed by Denis Malleval (who also directed Against Their Will, Simenon: The Iron Stairs, and Simenon: Blackballed previously aired on Eurochannel), a filmmaker fond of bringing novels to the silver screen. Actually, this is the fourth time that the director and screenwriter Jacques Santamaria work together adapting a Simenon novel, after Belle’s Death, Simenon: Blackballed and The Iron Stairs.

Adapted from the eponymous novel, Simenon: Death of an Old Man tells the story of a family broken apart by the death of the father. His sons, pursuing an interesting inheritance, turn against each other to obtain the biggest share and discover if their father’s death was planned or spontaneous.

Enjoy the thrilling aspect of greed in a drama proving that money can’t buy happiness – quite the contrary, it can lead to a disaster!


When old Auguste drops dead among the customers at his restaurant his three sons are worried about the inheritance, suspecting of one another. Things get really heated when the greed growing inside some of them start to rule their minds. However, the surprise discovery of a key and a bank address leads the three brothers to their father’s safe and an unexpected surprise.

Airing times

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